Alright so a couple of months back I lived with two friends in a decent sized 3 bedroom house. So one night we had a little party and one of my roommates brings over a girl that he pretty much just met at his job to come kick it with us and get drunk. The three of us and her end up taking shots allRead More →

I want to be fucked. Now. Porn star fucked. I am dripping wet and ready to go. My big tits are perky and firm at this very moment and my nipples are rock hard! I want handcuffs so you can tease me until I am begging you for it. I want you to be rough, bite, tease, play, slap. I want you to have totalRead More →

I love to drive with my pants off and play with my cock. I’ve had some smiles, some middle fingers, some yelling, but I’m hoping some day a hot chick will pull up next to me at a light and will see my dick and want to pull over and fuck. That will be the shit.Read More →