Went to a known cruising stop at night, rte. 140 in Massachusetts. Parked in the rest area and saw a black Jeep with a blond guy stroking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen personally. I went to him and stroked it for him a few times then fell to my knees and started sucking it! He was telling me “ that’s it suck it. YouRead More →

I’m a mwm just turned 70. My wife of almost 6 years does not like to give or get oral sex. I was on Craig’s list about 4 years ago and I started chatting with another guy around my age of 66 then. I told him I was curious but not sure I was ready to suck cock yet. In our talks he learned IRead More →

I love love love having panties on. They make me feel so girly, so feminine, naughty, slutty. I’m always horny from the way my panties make me feel. I’ve gotten into so much trouble, some bad, but some really good. You can really find out who your friends are if you tell them you have panties on. I’ve lost some good friends that way, butRead More →