Sir Crossed the Line?

I’m in a master slave relationship and up until recently, its been very rewarding.
Being stuck at home the last month things have gotten a little stale, so Sir has been trying to spice things up.
We’ve been doing more video live shows and some window exhibition/humiliation stuff, which has been fun, since I get off on humiliation and being degraded.
We have also been doing large and strange object insertion in both ass and pussy, which has also been fun, with my favorite being the bed post insertion, followed by the dining room chair leg anal insertion.
But last night was a little disturbing, and although it was pleasurable, it was extremely degrading (even for me) and just plain wrong.
Last night Sir tied me spread eagle to an ottoman with my hands and feet bound to the legs and a ball gag in my mouth. Then he poured and smeared some cooking oil and a bit of molasses on my back ass and pussy. He also injected a large amount of lube in my pussy and I assumed he was going to fuck me with something big like a baseball bat or something, and was a bit nervous.
But then he went out of the room and came back with his new dog. He usually puts the dog in his office when we are having a session cause he’s not well trained and he jumps on both of us and is a leg humper and generally gets in the way.
But this time he had “Shadow” the dog on a leash and brought him over to me.
Shadow got the smell of the oil and molasses and started getting crazy and licking my legs and barking a little. Sir maneuvered Shadow to my pussy and was telling him to lick up the oil and saying good boy a lot.
I must admit that his tongue felt very arousing and very strange on my pussy. He started licking and driving his nose in my oiled up cunt, and then he started to smell and lick my ass wildly and was sticking his nose and tongue pretty far up it, he really seemed to get off on the smell of my ass hole. I was horrified but I must admit it felt really good and very dirty, which is usually what really gets me off.
Then Sir pulled him off and was trying to get him to lick some molasses he had put up on my lower shoulders.
Shadow was getting very excited and he ran around to the front of me and tried to jump up near my head for a lick before Sir pulled him away. This is when I noticed that Shadow had a very big erection and I was sacred of what might happen next.
Sir brought him back around to my rear and was spanking my pussy, thats when i felt Shadow start humping my leg. Sir said Good boy and started tapping my back to get him up higher, and he did. I felt shadow humping my ass cheek and i started trying to scream. Sir was physically moving him trying to get him in my pussy, but luck for me, Shadow keep missing the mark.
But after about 4 or 5 tries and Sir putting him in the right position, I felt his doggie cock enter my pussy, and it hurt!
He was humping furiously and would miss and then enter, then slide out and enter again, and at one time he was half way in my ass before Sir pulled him out and re-positioned him back in my pussy. It hurt and felt amazing all at the same time and I didn’t know how to feel about it.
After some trial an error Shadow was firmly in my pussy and got his rhythm. He started really fucking me while licking and nipping at my neck. His doggie cock felt huge and i must admit that I came very hard right away and became very wet, which seemed to excite him more.
Then after what seemed like 20 or 30 minutes (but probably was only 5 or 6?) of him fucking my brains out, I felt a very firm and hard pressure on my pussy. I didn’t know what it was but it was like he was trying to go deeper or push his balls in it was almost like he started swelling up or something. He keep pressing trying to get deeper and then BOOM!, he got what seemed like a baseball in my pussy and then he stopped humping at 100 miles an hour and was making like a low growl sound.
As bad as this might sound I came hard when that happened and almost passed out.
Then sir yelled “His gonna cum, hold on tight bitch!”. Sir then come over and started rubbing his dick on my face and stroking himself really fast and said “Man and his best friend are about to cum on both ends of you, you disgusting dirty little dog fucking bitch!”
And then I felt an explosion in my pussy that felt like someone turned on a garden hose, and again I came hard from the sensation and my body started to spasm and my legs were shaking really bad.
Sir said to me “Good dog, go ahead and cum for daddy like a dirty bitch. And you too Shadow, fuck her like the little bitch dirty fuckmeat she his, She’s your bitch now boy”.
Sir was still stroking really hard and rubbing his dick on the droll dripping from my gagged mouth, and then he started to cum and sprayed cum allover my face, in my eyes, up my nose, and in my hair.
Meanwhile Shadow was lying almost still on my back but I could feel his dick pulsing  and I could feel the pressure of his balls starting to subside a bit, and could feel like a river of doggy sperm running down my leg.

When Sir was done cumming allover my face, he took a bunch of pictures of me with cum all over my face and the dog still mounting me and was laughing and went over to shadow and start petting him and saying “good boy, did you you like fucking that nasty pussy? would you like that pussy to be all yours to fuck whenever you want? good boy, wow what a mess you made shadow, you really dumped a load in her, damn boy”.
Then he came back around to me and said “I don’t know if we can clean your nasty pussy up after this, i might have to leave that pussy to shadow and just fuck your ass, its cleaner. Maybe i’ll have to get a new bitch that has a clean pussy. How’s that sound you filthy dog fucking little cunt, correction, big sloppy cunt! Between all the large insertion and now the giant dog dick. i don’t think i can fuck that pussy anymore!”
With that, shadow pulled out and jumped down, and when he pulled out, a giant puddle of dug cum flooded out of my pussy and sprayed all over my legs, and i came again, I think I came 5 times maybe? I’m not really sure.
Sir was loving up Shadow and telling him what a good boy he was and then took him in the kitchen for a treat.
I realized then that I was really a filthy bitch and was like garbage to him now. I started to cry and cried for quite a while, Sir left me there and took Shadow out for a walk.
I was still tied for quite a while maybe an hour and i pissed right there on the floor, I couldn’t hold it and figured I was just a bad dog and no one cared anyway.
Sir finally came back and untied me and before he took the ball gag out he said “Not a single fucking word from you when i remove this gag. You be a good bitch and go soak in the tub, douche, and then shower all the dog cum from that nasty pussy. Then you go in the guest room and go to sleep and think about what you’ve done you little slut. You purposely got Shadow all horned up and let him fuck you just like the dog you are. You are a disgusting little piggy, aren’t you?
He took the gag out and i lowered my head and just mumbled “Yes Sir” and walked to the bathroom with my pussy still dripping. Then Sir yelled as i walked away “And clean up this mess you made bitch before you go to bed. Disgusting!”
I did as I was told and then cried myself to sleep.
When I got up this morning, Shadow was wagging his tail and looked happy and ran right up to me, but then he started trying to lick my pussy and started smelling and licking my ass hole (I’m not allowed to where closes in the house so he had full access) and at one point he keep running around me barking and darting for my pussy with his nose. I pushed him away and then he came back and started humping my leg so i locked him in the other room, and also noticed that he had a huge erection.

Sir and I didn’t talk much today, he just asked me if i enjoyed myself and got all the dog cum out of my stinky pussy? he just smiled when i said “Yes Sir”.
I’m not sure what to do now, i think he crossed the line and I’m thinking maybe i should leave? I’m confused because it was also one of the most erotic things to ever happen to me.
I’m ashamed that I came so many times and actually enjoyed it a little, to be degraded to that degree was exciting maybe? I don’t know what to think or what to do now.
After lunch today Sir but a collar and leash on me, the collar said ” BITCH” on it, and made me suck his dick and then gave me the command to present my pussy but he hesitated and then fucked my ass real slow like he didn’t want to touch my pussy. When he was about to cum he pulled out and told me to suck his shit covered dick like a good dog, and then he held my head tight and came hard down my throat. Then he told me “See, your still good for something!”
Then he told me to get on all fours for a walk and took me in the yard by the leash. The yard has a high wood fence but I think people could still see me if they tried. He walked me around the yard like a fucking dog, it was seriously degrading and something he has never done before. It was cold out and he told me he was cold and to hurry up and do my business so we could go back inside. I looked at him bewildered and said you want me t pee? He yelled at me “Don’t be a stupid bitch, just piss or shit so we can go back inside”. I got an excited feeling, this was the kind of degrading act that gets me off. I started playing the part and sniffing around and then squatted down and started to pee on the lawn. He seemed very pleased and told me i was a good dog and to go ahead and go poopoo for him (Thats exactly how he said it, just like he tells Shadow). I tried and strained and pushed a bit and then took a small crap right there on the lawn in view of any neighbors you were watching from an upper level. I looked at him right in the eyes as i was pooping and he smiled and said i did well and patted me on the head.
Then he pulled the leash and walked me inside. He told me to go clean my ass hole but not to clean it too good because Shadow would like the smell. Then he told me from now on if i had to pee or shit to put the leash in my mouth and paw at the door.
I was very excited and could feel my pussy getting wet. I found this dog role play to be very arousing. I cleaned my hole a bit and went back into the kitchen. Sir asked me if I was thirsty and I said yes. He then took a dog bowl out of the cabinet, got a marker and wrote “Bitch” on it, filled it with water and put it on the floor. I crawled right over to it and started lapping it up as fast as I could, he said “good bitch, you like being a dirty dog fucker don’t you?” and smiled.
As I was lapping at the bowl I could tell my pussy was soaking wet and my nipples were like torpedoes. Sir had brought me to a whole new level of humiliation and I liked it!
Then I heard the dog coming down the hallway and Sir put his bowl next to mine and asked Shadow if wanted a drink. Shadow cam over and looked at me confused and then started drinking next to me. Then he stopped and turned around and started smelling my asshole, and then started licking it in long slow licks. It felt so could i thought i was going to cum.
Sir taped Shadow on the head and said “You like that dirty hole don’t you boy? She’s your bitch now so enjoy her”.
I keep lapping my water, enjoying the anal tongue bath and I spread my legs a little so Shadow had better access. When I did that Sir came over and patted my head and said “Good girl, be a good bitch for Shadow, he owns you too, learn to enjoy it and I’ll take you to the next level” and he laughed.
Shadow then stopped licking and jumped right on me and started humping my pussy. I arched my back and got lower and gave myself to him like a dog. He humped a little jumped down barked and then would mount me again. He did this a few times and penetrated me just a little. I was soaking wet and wanted him to fuck me. I kept moving my ass and trying to position myself for him to enter me. Sir was laughing and telling Shadow “The bitch wants your cock boy, go ahead and fuck her”. Shadow fucked me a little but clearly wasn’t totally ready for another round, he jumped down and went back to licking my ass and pussy. i arched my back and was pushing my pussy into is snout. Sir laughed again and said “Bitch needs to cum boy, give her what she wants”.
I was hoping Sir would help him get in me but he just watched. I closed my eyes and had an orgasm with my head in the water bowl and Shadow licking my holes, it was heaven.
Sir noticed I had cum and he laughed and said “you dogs will figure it out soon enough and you’ll be regular fuck buddies!”.
Shadow then stopped licking me and lied down on the floor and started licking his half erect doggy cock. Sir sprang up from the chair and yelled at me “He wants his cock sucked and thats your job not his!” He grabbed me by the leash and my hair and dragged me over to him, pushing my head between Shadows legs. Then he held shadow by his front paws and under his head and yelled at me to suck his cock.
I sat there on all fours looking at his doggy cock before me and was unsure what to do. Sir pulled my leash and yelled again to not be a stupid bitch and suck my masters cock, then he reached over to me and slapped my face hard and had a weird look in his eye. I took a deep breath and lowered my self and put my lips around Shadows cock. It had an odd taste and smell but I started sucking him. Shadow was whining and squirming a bit but Sir held him so he wouldn’t run or bite me.
Then Shadow started to get very hard and he lied down and seemed just to enjoy it all. Sir was petting him and telling him what a good boy he was and i was deep throating the Dog!
Shadow really seemed like he loved it and opened his legs wide for me to suck him, he would squirt some fluid every now and then, a lot actually and it didn’t taste to bad, i even swallowed some and truth be told, his cock was bigger then Sir’s!
Shadow had a full on erection and Sir told me to stop and assume the position, which i did immediately. Sir let go of Shadow and this time he mounted me in one swift motion and fucked me on the floor like a dog. He worked his knot in my pussy and pumped me to 3 orgasms and filled me with like a gallon of dog cum. I cam so fucking hard!
When Shadow was down he pulled out and jumped off me and then licked me for a while. He then walked off and went to sleep. I was lying on the floor totally fucked, dripping and exhausted.
Sir came over and grabbed my leash and told me he would take me out to pee and then i could go take a nap with Shadow.
He walked me outside and i peed on the lawn and honestly didn’t care at that moment who saw me do it.
Sir walked me back inside and over to where Shadow was sleeping. I curled up next to him, hugged him and we took a nice nap.
I think I’m loving being a dog now even though i was at first repulsed by what had happened. But the dog is not harmed and he seems to love it to.
Sorry this confesion is so long but i really needed to tell someone the whole story and I fell better having thought it all out. Please don’t hate on me if your a dog lover, the dog was not hurt and didn’t do anything against his will, he wanted to fuck me and just need some encouragement and to be shown that it was ok for him to fuck me.
I guess we’ll see where this goes and i’ll report back later with more details

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