Sexual nSlave to Another Man

I am an older man and very much wish to get into a relationship with another man who truly is aroused by S & M play with another man. I want to be abused sexually and used by another man for his sexual gratification.

A fantasy I have long had is to be made to strip in front of a man and present myself to him as I cradle my cock and balls. As I present myself, he begins to pinch and pull on my nipples. Twisting them harshly and stretching them to the maximum.

He then moves on to examine my cock and balls. Grasping my cock he pulls on it and twists it as well. All the while he make negative comments about me and how I look. He slaps my cock around and finally goes to work on my ball sack. Again pulling and twisting my cock and balls.

Ordering me to lay on my back and spread my legs wide, he begins dragging a leather belt over my cock and balls. He then begins to strike my cock and balls with the belt, gentle at fist and then building to more intensive strokes. As I wince at the strokes he says he will stop if I begin sucking his cock. How good a job I do will help him made the decision to return to torturing my n nipples and cock and balls. Needless to say, no matter how hard I try, he is not satisfied and and further whipping of my cock and balls happen.

Our first meeting ends when I finally make him orgasm in my mouth and I suck him dry, cleaning his cock with my tongue after he ejactulates in my mouth.

We schedule a second meeting. He informs me my ass will be open at that meeting with a variety of objects and that I will me made to wear a anal dildo anytime we are together.

Is there anyone wishing to take me on as their provider of this kind of service?

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