Nudism fraud

This went on just before my 14th birthday so it had to be 1989. It started with me and my best friends, Ellen and Marsha. Back then it was cool to smoke and sip our parents vodka or drink a beer when we could get one. We started getting this guy Richie to by cigarettes for us and sometimes get him to buy us a six pack of beer. We knew he lived in a small house behand the strip mall and after we knew him for a few months started telling us we could come over to his “pad”. We thought it was weird but he told us right away he was a nudist in his house and never wore clothes when he is home. I think we were spooked when he told us that so for a few weeks when we did get him to buy smokes and beer he gave us pamphlets explaining nudism. After that for weeks on end he encouraged us to visit his house. He said he always had beer and cigarettes and as long as we didn’t mind him being undressed we were welcome to come over on Saturdays. We figured this guy to be over 21and he seemed nice and was real cute. He gave his phone number to Marsha and she talked Ellen and I into going there the first time. He told her to come over that Saturday afternoon and reminded her that he doesn’t wear clothes at home. I think we thought Richie was exaggerating about it but when we got to his front door he stuck his head out and repeated again that he was naked. We all smiled at each other and although we were nervous decided to go in and found out he was telling the truth. He just stood there for a moment as it was apparent to him we were apprehensive and shocked that he really was naked. The 3 of us stood there speechless and Richie started telling us he was only a nudist and we didn’t have to fear him. He said he had no intentions of doing anything harmful to us and said nudism is a type of religion. He had the audacity to quote some things from a bible or whatever justifying nudity. The next thing I knew we had cold beer, cigarettes and a naked guy to look at.

He worked weekdays so we would go there every Saturday afternoon and when school let out that summer we would go there for a couple hours in the evening one day a week. There were many times he would say things like if we were comfortable enough we could also undress but none of us ever did. He often got erections and at first would say sorry but after a couple months began masturbating. He just started doing it and before hand say something like I’m sorry girls but I have to jerk off now. I don’t know why we never walked out and only sat there watching him. We talked about him all the time and we admitted to each other we sort of liked seeing him naked and we all agreed we didn’t mind watching him masturbate. We were stupid teens and things could have went really bad with this guy but he never tried to do anything sexual with us. He talked about sex and would overly expose himself to us directing our attention to his penis and testicles most of the time. What he also did often was expose his anus to us as he masturbated and penetrate himself with a small round tube. When he did this he always said how it felt good and stimulated him. We were like a captive audience for him and we knew he enjoyed having us watch him. That entire summer we were at his place mostly twice a week. He became so comfortable with us that he would tell us he was getting an erection and would tell us when he was going to masturbate. By then we just told him to go ahead when ever he wants to. We went back to school that September and that January he told us his lease was up at the end of the month and that he had to move. He told Marsha to call him in February for his new address but when she did his number was changed. We never heard from or saw him again. Ellen said we were probably getting g to old for him to keep doing that and that’s why he must have moved. I don’t see Marsha often anymore but Ellen and I are still close friends and just talked about this over the weekend. We talked about it a lot while in high school and as much as we know we put ourselves in a precarious situation at the time but were never really in danger or trouble. Richie only wanted attention and wasn’t no nudist because he was a full fledged exhibitionist. I do think as we got older he became fearful we would tell our parents or somebody about him. As it is we never did and I wonder if he kept doing it with other girls after he moved.

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