Mothers panties

I started sniffing my mother’s dirty panties when I was 10 / 11 I love the smell & taste of them iam in my late 40s now & I still love sniffing them when I visit her they always make me hard straight away.. I use to love waking up every morning & going straight to the washing basket to see if she left any freshly removed panties so still damp.. I would rub them in my face & suck on the crotch her smell & taste was amazing then I would wrap them around my willy & masterbate in to them I love filling them up with my cream & putting them back with the crotch open so she could see I used them. I also loved wearing her dirty panties to school so I could have her amazing juices & rubbing against my willy & balls I’d get hard in class thinking about her & her pussy.. I had bin doing this for a few months b4 she mentioned anything to me about it she told me i noticed lot of creamy wet patches in the knickers she removed earlier then she got them to show my she said I know boys ur age get very horny & it quite normal for boys to play with their mothers or sister underwear so iam not mad she asked me how long I’ve found them a turn on & what turned me on about them & not to feel embarrassed about it I told her I’d bin playing with them for a few months & I love the smell & taste of them & I sometimes like to wear your dirty knickers. she told me she if u want to wear my knickers please wear the clean 1s & after u finish with them put them back & when u masterbate in them please get them a quick clean of. I put a pair of of knickers back on the other morning after a shower then I realised u had cum in them when I was in the shower they was soaked in cum. She have now caught me a few time masterbating in her knickers & bra & she have watched me

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