Loony Loretta

Ended up with Loretta as my room mate back before the pandemic close down. She was a bartender is a corner pub I frequented when I worked the 3 to 11 shift on my job. I’m 32 now and she is 47 and moved in with me when my friend Rob moved out when he got married. Loretta was and is still a tough woman and big probably close to 6 ft. She’s not fat but just big, not attractive but a lot of fun with a great personality. When I worked nights I went into the bar about 11:15 and closed the bar with her 4 or 5 nights a week and got to know her very well. Joking around she often patted my ass and would often grab my dick laughing about it especially if she did it long enough for me to get a hard on. I was hesitant having her as a room mate but couldn’t afford the $1250, a month rent by myself. Once the pandemic closures came I did go on day work and Loretta got a job at the 7/11 down the street. That’s when things got crazy and within a month or so Loretta turned me into sort of a boy toy. I do see her naked sometimes but have never had sex with her and she obviously doesn’t want me to. It got weird when she began picking the bathroom lock while I showered or come in my room in the mornings knowing I slept naked and would wake me by holing my dick. I admit it was embarrassing for a short time until the night she came in while I showered and jerked me off..

After that happened I guess I just let her do whatever she wanted and sort of dominate me. I haven’t had pubic hair for over a year now and she still shaves me at least once or twice a week. She often has me ejaculate just by using a vibrator up and down my dick. When I’m in the shower she uses a hand held shower head and positions me in such a way it drives me crazy. With a fairly strong spray she moves it from my asshole to my balls and then my dick giving me a raging hard on. When she does this she somehow wants me to jerk off myself but tells me i should be able to cum without touching myself. That never happens but when she does this I feel like I’m going to explode and ejaculate as soon as I start jerking off. It was only a few months later when she began penetrating me anally with her vibrator of course using KY and sliding it in and out of me. The first time she did it was scary and humiliating but I soon realized how arousing it was and how it stimulated my prostate. While this was going on she not only was jerking me off but would play with my testicles and massage the area between my a- hole and scrotum. I don’t know why but this would cause me to ejaculate more semen than normal. Loretta is never actually naked when she does all this but usually only has a night shirt on and no underwear. I have watched her masturbate many times but she has never let me touch her.

I don’t think I ever really wanted to fuck her but I did offer and even offered to use a dildo or vibrator on her but she only tells me she can do it herself. She is funny as hell the way she talks to me often insulting. She never gave me a blow job but will sit there and just play with my genitals some nights and never hesitates to jerk me off. Some nights when I go to the bathroom to pee she has to watch me and that I don’t understand. Last spring I started letting her spank me sometimes but she never actually hurts me only using her hand or a flimsy yard stick. Its just the way she gets me to bend or lean over furniture making sure I’m fully exposed to her. She only spanks me long enough for my ass cheeks to get red but purposely has me spread out in what would be humiliating positions. I convinced by now that she does this purposely to arouse herself. When she has me draped over the arm or back of a chair she always makes sure my anus, balls and dick are visible to her. When she penetrates me with the vibrator I’m usually on my back with my legs bent up and wide open. Other times she is behind me as I am bent over with my butt up as she spreads my legs apart. This is usually when she fully penetrates my rectum with the penis shaped vibrator. She must have some type of fetish about all this and I do think her intentions have something to do with humiliation and domination of me. If I really think about it I should be embarrassed the ways she sees me and the things I let her do to me. When its going on though its only pleasurable and I have no thoughts of embarrassment or humiliation. I do have an off and on again girlfriend but she she knows nothing about what happens with Loretta and I.

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