Fem Boy Love

I like my boys to have little tiny limp dicks, guys with big cocks just don’t do it for me. A smooth fem boy with a tiny dick gets me hard, I just love to dominate them and make them submit to my much larger manly cock. I especially like the timid submissive ones that I can smack around while I pump there tight ass pussy’s. Love to then pull out when I’m ready and make them suck my shit smelly cock till I fill their belly’s with a massive load. Then i like to smack them and pull their hair till they thank me for fucking them and feeding them my load. I also like to piss on them and degrade them as much as possible.
I have this one sub fag bitch (Karl) right now that just loves to be used and degraded, I mean he really loves it and that makes my dick very hard. He actually swallows my piss and loves to suck my cock after I’ve been fucking his ass, he also enjoys being slapped and having his little tiny dick in a 1/2 inch cage, I’ve had him locked up now for neatly two months, and when I locked him up I told him he could never ask me to take it off and i would remove it when I felt he deserved it. Two months later and he’s as obedient as my dog, maybe more and has yet to ask when he might be released, I’m thinking 6 months or so or maybe never. I want to see how long he’ll go before he speaks up. God its so much fun to have a good subby fag bitch, I LOVE IT!

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