Embarrassed, caught and crying

After being broke up with my ex-girlfriend Katie, I was so lonely. So I got drunk as hell and did what I had secretly hidden from Katie and all my other girlfriends. I got completely naked and dressed up in Katie’s pretty little pink panties and bra and fantasized about her catching me prancing around in her tiny pink thong while jerking off. The thought got my 3 inch boner rock hard! But as soon as I’d cum i feel stupid and and so happy she really didn’t walk in!
This time I went all out. I shaved all my pubic hair completely smooth and with a purple glitter paint marker I wrote in big letters above my smooth little penis ” Katie’s little sissy” . I even fit in her platform shoes complete with my hair in pigtails. I was so horny I wasn’t thinking straight. I took pictures of myself and messaged Katie with them ready to send at the push of a button. Then I pressed record I thought. But accidently video messages her!! I was so into what I was doing I didn’t even notice. By that time I had my legs spread over my head , my mouth open wide as I was embarrassingly moaning out loud stuff like ” DO I LOOK PRETTY IN YOUR PANTIES KATIE? OH YEAH! PLEASE KATIE WATCH ME CUM IN MY MOUTH! TELL IM A LITTLE SISSY GIRL IN PRETTY PANTIES! ” And right at the time I shoot a hot load on my face and in my mouth I hear her say ” that’s really cute brandon, did you want me to see this? By the loom on you face you didn’t! WTF! Look at yourself Brandon! I look across into a mirror seeing what she sees. Me looking stupid as my dick shrinks down in her panties, cum all over my face, all the things I moaned out and the reality of things she seen of me, I start crying. As she laughed hysterically. Don’t cry my little sissy boy brandon.

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