Being a Pet

I let my BF put a collar and leash on me and then piss on me, that’s how it started.
He’s very dominating and I let him keep pushing the boundaries because i enjoyed being submissive, I enjoyed being his “Fuck Meat” as he calls me now, I also answer to “Stupid whore”, “Pig”, “Dumb Cunt”, and “Stupid Bitch”.
He writes “Whore” on my face with my mouth being the “O”. He writes all over my body and takes pictures of it to post on line and show his friends. he writes things like “Slut”, “Use Me”, “Worthless Fuck toy”,  “Cum Dump” with arrows pointing to my holes, and you get the idea.

He uses me any way he likes, whenever and where ever he likes, and I blindly just do as I’m told to please him, I do what I’m told when I’m told always and without exception. I’m not required to think anymore, just follow orders, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I have collars that say different things like “Trash”, “Slut”, Whore, and one that says “Rape Me”. The other day I had to wear the one that said “Whore’ on it into Starbucks  and buy us coffee while Daddy (thats what i call him) waited in the car. The looks I got while waiting for my coffee were awesome, everyone saw the collar and most were horrified. I was completely humiliated, people staring at me some guys were giggling like school girls, but yet i loved every minute of it, wondering what these people were thinking about me?
One older women asked me if I need help or the Police, I just smiled and said no thanks I’m good.

Daddy takes very good care of me and has opened the door for me to complete sexual fulfillment. He pisses on me and makes me drink it, he cums in my mouth and makes me swallow, he cums on the toilet seat and makes me lick it up, he fucks my ass relentlessly and then makes me suck his cock. He ties me up and uses me like a fuck toy, he makes me drink and eat from a dog bowl, he keeps me on a leash and often he takes me out in the yard or to a park for a walk for me to “do my business” like a dog ( I find this very exhilarating!). He’s also talked about getting a dog and training him to fuck me. I’m very excited about this after he should me some videos of whores having sex with dogs.
He also shares me with his friends and sometimes with complete strangers. I was “entertainment” at a recent party and i lost count at some point but I think I was fucked 13 times (about 5 in the ass), swallowed about 9 loads of cum, and was pissed on 4 or 5 times. All in all it was a pretty good night for a trash whore like me!

This life style isn’t for everyone I’m sure, and I didn’t even know it was for me until recently, but if i could offer any advice to anyone out there, it would be to follow your kink, you never know what disgusting depraved things might turn you one!

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Lance Laumann

You are absolutely perfect in my opinion, I love being with a subservient woman who is ready to Fuck at any time you want her to….😋