Avoiding Rejection from a Size Queen

I have an average-sized cock when it’s erect. It’s 5 1/2 inches. But I’m a grower. My cock is very small when flaccid, acorn-like. Still, I have found that some women consider my penis small even when it’s erect. That said, I have been able to please all the women I’ve fucked. And to make sure I never get in bed with a size queen who might reject me because of my cock size, I always figure out a way to let prospective mates know what I’m packing. For example, I keep a photo of me streaking handy on my phone, and I’ll casually bring up streaking in a conversation with a woman I want to fuck. Then I’ll show her the photo. I also keep a photo handy of me in a Halloween costume in which my small bulge is showing. This way, I know that if things have progressed to the bed, she won’t reject me because of my size. It’s a handy trick, but you have to be smooth about it.

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