I’m 67, and started sucking and being fucked by men when I was 50. It was about five years ago I knew had turned totally gay, and addicted to sucking men off. I’ve sucked dozens of men around Kalispell, Montana. When I travel, I make arrangements ahead of time through Silverdaddies and Craigslist, so I can suck and be fucked by as many men asRead More →

Hello Jan, My girlfriend is always playing pranks on me. It started out as fun but they have gotten to be more humiliating each time. The last one I was in the shower. She has me wearing a chastity device for weeks at a time. She comes into the bathroom and says I hid the key in the living room, you have five minutes toRead More →

Since my wife doesn’t like to sexually play with me. And i like erections and cumming. Im guessing its ok to take nude selfies and cum when i want. ?? What are your thoughts Jan’s Answer: Of course it is. It’s healthy and fun to cum as often as you like, and if your wife isn’t interested, then your hand or a fleshlight will doRead More →