Since my wife doesn’t like to sexually play with me. And i like erections and cumming. Im guessing its ok to take nude selfies and cum when i want. ?? What are your thoughts Jan’s Answer: Of course it is. It’s healthy and fun to cum as often as you like, and if your wife isn’t interested, then your hand or a fleshlight will doRead More →

I am F in my mid-40s, live alone but has a younger bf who meets me on most weekends. He encourages me to stretch my pee slit showing his stretched cock slit – he can insert his entire index finger into his slit using lube or his pre-cum. Is this practice common? I am tempted to try on my pee slit – shall I goRead More →

I there an advantage to climaxing outside versus inside? In most porn videos the male pulls out and climaxes on her back, chest, etc. Other than dramatic effect, is there a reason to not climax inside? Jan’s Answer: In porn I think its done purely for dramatic affect, everyone wants to see the cum shot! In real life, other then birth control I think itsRead More →