I confess that I think I’m gay or at least Bi. I’ve been watching a lot of porn lately and I’m getting really turn on by the thought of sucking a guy off, just thinking about it is making me hard. I’m not sure if I will or can do it but I think I’m going to try. Just not really sure how to goRead More →

My girl has the sexiest toes I’ve every seen. Just the site of them make me hard. I love licking and sucking them and most of all I love to cum on them and she loves it too! I find her toes so sexy that I can’t look at them when I’m screwing her because it makes me extremely premature, I just can’t control myself.Read More →

I was in Wal mart and saw this hunky guy that made my knees weak. he was checking me out and we filtered through out the store. After I paid and let I saw him following me, he asked if I needed help loading my bags, I just froze and said sure. When he was done he asked if there was anything else he couldRead More →