While my husband was out of town working a few weeks ago I attended a wild party with my sister. We ended up in an orgy with some hot guys and before the night was done I had done five guys and a girl. Now I feel bad and guilty and want to tell my husband but I need to tell him how much IRead More →

I have an obsession w/ married men & being a mistress. From 16yo (I’m 27 now) I’ve dated married guys cause I find the deception of the wife (he has to have kids) to be extremely sexually gratifying. I’ve been my guy’s mistress for 4yrs & love knowing his wife’s world is an illusion. I fuck in her bed & on her couch looking atRead More →

Alright so a couple of months back I lived with two friends in a decent sized 3 bedroom house. So one night we had a little party and one of my roommates brings over a girl that he pretty much just met at his job to come kick it with us and get drunk. The three of us and her end up taking shots allRead More →