I was at this party last month and there were a lot of hot girls there. One in particular caught my eye, there was something about here, something mysterious and exotic, an instant kind of kinky attraction. I started making a play for her, got here some drinks, made small talk, and some jokes, you know the usual pickup stuff. Anyway, it all paid offRead More →

My husband is a small dick loser! I’m so sick of his bullshit that I could just scream. After 10 years of marriage I think I’m ready for a change and maybe I’ll click on one of these ads and find me a fuck buddy.Read More →

While my husband was out of town working a few weeks ago I attended a wild party with my sister. We ended up in an orgy with some hot guys and before the night was done I had done five guys and a girl. Now I feel bad and guilty and want to tell my husband but I need to tell him how much IRead More →