I like to pee on my hand and taste it and when I’m finished peeing I like to rub my pussy and then lick my fingers. This all started because my boyfriend wanted to make me squirt and I couldn’t do it so I started peeing instead and he thinks its cum and loves it. I like it too and want him to pee onRead More →

My wife and I have enjoyed watching each other masturbate. We do it a lot and sometimes we like to do it in video chat rooms for other couples or singles. Now we want another couple to come and watch us in person and then let us watch them masturbate in front of us. We don’t want to share or swap, not just yet anyway,Read More →

Lately I’ve been a bad girl. After the husband goes to work and the kids go to school I like to go on random chat rooms and video chat naked (from the neck down). I’m not sure why but I get such a thrill watching men, sometimes half my age, get totally aroused by looking at my 40 something, somewhat flabby body. They don’t seemRead More →