Does anyone else find Indian women unbelievably sexy? I mean I get hard every time I see one, not sure what it is but they are just so hot. I’m white so most don’t give me a second look but I hope to change that soon and have wild passionate sex with my Desi Goddess. Is there a site I can go to for datingRead More →

For some reason I really get turned on by a woman’s neck. Not sure why but I find looks at and smelling the neck very sexy. I had a girl that would let me rub my dick on her neck till I came and it was so arousing that I came in about 2 minutes. Stay sexy ladies.Read More →

I had an anal orgasm for the first time and it was fantastic! I need more like one everyday, I’m totally hooked now, just the thought of a big cock sliding deep into my ass makes me wet. To my surprise I wasn’t even sore the next day, I could do it again right now. As a matter of fact, I think I will.Read More →