I was on the train today and was fixated on this girl who was playing with her flip flop. She was ok looking but her foot twirling in the flip flop was real sexy. after a few minutes of watching her move her foot up and down and stretching her arch I realized I had a ragging hard-on, I mean I was rock hard. AtRead More →

I work with this girl that’s really hot and now she’s 6 months pregnant. She was complaining to me that her man hasn’t touched her since she’s gained all the weight and she was depressed about it. I made a play telling her how sexy she was and that her boyfriend was a fool and that any real man would jump at the chance toRead More →

I tried one of these “Fuck Buddy” sites and I hooked up with this crazy tattooed, half shaved head girls and she’s crazy hot. She like to have risky sex in public and last night she sucked me at Dunkin Donuts and then I screwed her in the back of a clothing store. Can’t wait to see what she has planned next. Keep rocking girls!Read More →