I like to Wank my cock in my car while looking at sexy drivers next to me. I drive around for hours sometimes just looking and stroking. Most have no idea I’m doing it. Today this girl was so hot and she looked over at me and smiled and I came all over my staring wheel and shot some goo on the windshield.Read More →

I’m turned on by watching women fighting, especially older vs young. My biggest fantasy is to see a fight between my mom and my girlfriend without rules. I want to see them slapping, fisting,kicking and thrash talking. At the end , I would like to see the winner on top facesitting the loser. As a biggest humiliation, the loser will be forced to suck theRead More →

I was on the train today and was fixated on this girl who was playing with her flip flop. She was ok looking but her foot twirling in the flip flop was real sexy. after a few minutes of watching her move her foot up and down and stretching her arch I realized I had a ragging hard-on, I mean I was rock hard. AtRead More →