I am a white 29yr. old white female who has been married for five yrs. to an abusive, alcoholic husband with a tiny 3 inch penis. A few months back I had sex with his black co-worker and since found that I’m really attracted and totally turned on by well-hung black men. Last week after a night of drinking with the girls, I stopped byRead More →

I’m infatuated with my best friend Mandy, and I am really curious about other women’s bodies. I can’t imagine myself licking a girls pussy but I can imagine them doing things to me, lost of things!. I KNOW I LIKE GUYS!!!! Love guys actually. But girls????? Maybe. Maybe someone who has been through can give me advice? Help me figure this all out? Am IRead More →

I have to confess i love looking at porn sites when my hubby is at work. I enjoy looking at mostly lesbian sex even though I have never been with another women. I feel so naughty while I’m doing it but when I get an urge I jus have to deal with it or I get cranky and with a huge sex drive a girlsRead More →