This is a question for women. What would be your response if your husband/ boyfriend asked you how would you feel about him sucking a cock in front of you then getting him to fuck you so he could lick his cum from your pussy. Would love to read your comments. ThanksRead More →

Last night I gave a blowjob to a complete stranger in a bathroom stall. We met in the bar and made some small talk and he started flirting and lightly touching me. I enjoyed the attention and get very horny. It’d been a year or so since I’d done anything more than kiss with a guy. When I got up to use the restroom heRead More →

Iam a 20y.o Indonesian girl still a virgin. I’m short big firm boobs very pretty and sexy body. How do I know becuz I can get any man I want when I wear a blouse showing my big boobs , men stop n stare sometimes I will wear a short skirt with sexy panties and go shopping, bending over when I know someone is watchingRead More →