Like many other couples, the wife and I have fantasies of bringing others into the bedroom, but not sure if we could work up the nerve to do it. So…We have been dabbling with lesser fantasies. Showing off her sexy body. We posted some pics anonymously on random sites and would enjoy the comments from anonymous men, but something seemed to be missing. We discussedRead More →

I am currently in a long distance relationship and due to the separation my gf and I do a lot of video chatting daily. We met in college and I have never been to her house, but know her entire family thru our video calls. Sometimes as we are talking my gf needs to go into another room for something and of course we don’tRead More →

I have just met a new stud I’m aloud and proud to take to Grand Carriages – my lustrous keeper….somewhere my love acquired a Victorian/Edwardian hearse horse-drawn carriage from a vampire friend who was selling off old goods. As great admirers of the outdoor antique love making style, this was an absolute bonus for me (no boner bogus in Bolivia once we got off theRead More →