I love to be nude whatever I do and though difficult sometimes it feels great. Sauna is a good place to be myself. So I fel graet that way. Even if some will find my gfeelings odd.Read More →

Iv all ways regarded myself as dead straight, so it took a lot to admit to myself that i was desperate to suck someones cock even though i love my wife dearly, Sometimes i could go for months on end without it entering my head but then in a shower ,id see someone with the perfect looking cock long and thick and end up havingRead More →

My daughter doesn’t know her boyfriend cheats with me behind her back. We go to swap parties. He’s a young BBC and knows how to use it. When he started dating my daughter, he flashed it at me. When Penny wasn’t in the room he would say, ” flash me those knockers big mama! ” Ignored him at first, then for some reason I flashedRead More →