I was out with my husband at a club and this woman was very friendly and touchy feely with me and we were having a good time, laughing and having fun. My husband insisted she was hitting on me, but I didn’t pick up on it. The next day I kept thinking about her and the way she was touching me and flirting, and foundRead More →

I love to snort two or three fat lines of ice and get completely naked while fiance is at work. About 5 minutes after snorting the dope I can’t stop touching my thick cock, then all my clothes come off. I like to sit in the living room and take pics and videos of my thick cock and send them to anonymous ppl, or IRead More →

I’ve been married for three years but have lived with and in the same apartment building with my husband for almost seven years and I’m now 26. I along with my husband have become very close friends with an older man named Curtis who lives down the hall. My husband is away on business a few times a month for a day or two unlessRead More →