My wife has made me extremely premature and we both love it. She is training me to cum really fast and after 3 months of training I can now go from total limp to ruined orgasm (I’m only allowed ruined, no full orgasm) in under 30 seconds. I used to be able to last for 20 minutes but I think those days are now goneRead More →

I’m a straight dude but love to have a guy suck me off. Hands down guys make better cocksuckers then girls, and you don’t need to buy them dinner, tell them how nice they look, or listen to any bullshit. Guys suck, swallow, and leave. Its the perfect blowjob!Read More →

I cheated on my boyfriend with a couple i meet in a bar. I never had a threesome before and decided i was going to go for it. The couple were about ten years older them me (mid 30’s) and very sexy. The asked me straight out if I wanted to have a threesome with them, I got very nervous, had goose bumps and aRead More →

Ok…. awhile ago i been looking at those little preteen model sites how they pose erotic in panties/stockings and all. I have a beautiful little niece and been thinking i get her into modeling also. One night i got her a cute dress to try on and she looked so cute with that long brunette hair, just the model type that would do so well.Read More →