whacky old man

I’m divorced for three years and live alone. I have a son in the Air Force and my daughter is married and live in New York. I began cleaning houses after my divorce for extra cash and have four steady customers that pay well. Leo was my first steady customer and always very generous when he wanted extra things done in his house. He lives alone, seems to be well to do and has just turned 66 years old. He is fit for his age and I know that first hand since quite a number of times I had seen him naked. At first I considered it accidental but the more it went on it was obviously done on purpose. He occasionally had an erection when I saw him and he always apologized. I’m 48 and he continually tells me how attractive I am when I’m really not. Anyway about a year or more ago he began asking me how much I would charge to masturbate him. I repeatedly told him I don’t do anything like that. Well, he started out saying $50 then $75 which I turned down. Weeks later he offered to pay me $150 to massage and Jerk him off. So now for close to eleven months I massage him naked and jerk him off every Thursday afternoon. This guy has no sense of embarrassment and has an erection as soon as he lays down on this expensive massage table he bought last year. He has asked me to undress for him but I keep telling him he can’t afford that but I do take my top off letting him see me in my bra. I do give him a full body massage of course not like a professional. He has me use an oil he supplies and mostly has me concentrate on his penis, scrotum and in his butt crack. His penis is by no means large and I doubt his erection is much more than 5″. He doesn’t hesitate to tell me where or how to touch him and the massage and hand job I do on him only takes an hour or less. So $150 for an hour to make an old man happy is worth it to me.

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Undoubtedly a good arrangement for you both. You are already physically quite closer with him by now. Why not go for full sex with him for $300 to $500 a session? This should be safer for both of you and no string attached.