to my sexy model boyfriend this Halloween

I have just met a new stud I’m aloud and proud to take to Grand Carriages – my lustrous keeper….somewhere my love acquired a Victorian/Edwardian hearse horse-drawn carriage from a vampire friend who was selling off old goods. As great admirers of the outdoor antique love making style, this was an absolute bonus for me (no boner bogus in Bolivia once we got off the plane)… we met at midnight almost like a Dracula’s scene but this was to be the ride of my life. I got in the grand stately black carriage with glass doors and claret colored curtains and to my surprise was a revolutionary gentlemen dressed as dainty Edwardian as a lamb but with a huge penis exposed and ready to take off and ride with the gallop of the horses it was like we had known each other forever this handsome sexy rigorous man was eager to please my horny frustrations too long forgotten. I got on board the carriage with a step up from the master driver and I was tickled pink with “OOH’ to see this masterpiece of sex before me. it was not hard at all with all my lacy costume to get on board and ride this man’s grand carriage. our eyes met he knew what we were therefore as the horses rode higher into the mountains of the night so did each and every climax of horny sexual carnal lusts between two heated sexy strangers needing jiggling throbbing companionship and fluttering trembling bondage. I tossed back all vex for delightful fidgeting of this grand writhel. my huge puffy titties fell out at the sight of his huge concoction, and all smiles lead to pleasure tease and titty tingles and caresses and monster eruptions of heightened desires. I mounted him full of pride and let my hair fall down and tickle down my skin as I shook with delight on top with him inside of me. he said nothing but “Madame I am at your service” and as the moon shone through the glass windows where a coffin should be I rode him wildly in my boutique hat and gloves and huge titties hanging out for him to suckle like a honey pot babe. then he wanted to take me and I felt so fat and old and simple minded and I laid back proud with my legs open wide with my french crotch-less pantaloons untied so he could ride me like a soft cannon and then like a wild galloping beast. his wild wriggling and jerks were pounding like a wolf and his grinding round thrusts made me gasp more and more as I looked at the night sky turning morning we were still not to the castle top yet and we had much more pleasures to savoir. as any antique love making expert knows “making love passionately does not always come easy, it comes with its pains of frustration and wait and hunger and trying to savoir every moment of his deliberate teasing pleasure pursuant on my titties and nipples and peachypuss snatch.

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