secret from my husband

I’ve been married for three years but have lived with and in the same apartment building with my husband for almost seven years and I’m now 26. I along with my husband have become very close friends with an older man named Curtis who lives down the hall. My husband is away on business a few times a month for a day or two unless its overseas where he is away for a week or more. Two years ago I had a stillborn baby and eight weeks later, when my husband was in Sweden, I began spotting blood. While in a panic I spoke to Cutis and somehow he convinced me to let him examine me. I was under the impression at the time he was a licensed nurse but also a physician asst. which he often bragged about for years before. He is divorced and lives alone but I let him examine my vagina. He is in his early sixties and very well educated but I never told my husband about it. About a month after that Curtis kept encouraging me to let him give me a physical exam. Why I started to allow this I don’t know perhaps because he was so easy to talk to and trust. Since then I let him examine me a minimum of once a month and always when my husband is away. It didn’t begin like this but he examines me naked for along time now and has manipulated me in such a way I look forward to it. The first few times were embarrassing but at the same time arousing for me Just by the way I was exposed to him. Unbeknownst to my husband, Curtis examines my entire body arousing me and controlling me as I have numerous orgasms. It didn’t start out that way but each time became more intimate. I never have sex with him but he has not only penetrated me vaginally with a speculum but often penetrates me anally. I have never told him to stop or complained about anything. Whats so shameful is he knows when my husband is away for a day or so and calls asking if I want an exam which I always say yes. I found out last year that he is a finance administrator and not any kind of nurse or doctor assistant. I still have never confronted him about it and continue to let him satisfy me. He long ago began using a vibrator to stimulate me which I certainly know is not a part of an examination. We just call it an exam but its certain he believes I am dumb as a rock. I know just by the ways I am exposed to him it is only for sexual satisfaction both by him and me. I know I am cheating on my husband by letting Curtis continue doing this. Every time he is able to arouse and control my orgasms to an uncontrollable amount of times. I am so sexually satisfied I can’t explain it. I kind of know or think I know what your advice will be but Curtis has me spoiled by the way he is able to manipulate me. I could never admit this to my husband.

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You have become a tool of his fetish and it seems that you too enjoy his whims and responds to his manipulations. Since you are enjoying it leading to orgasms, you may continue but ultimately, you have tell your husband. May be you all have a fruitful 3-some relationship. And why not!!


Very hot. Don’t stop enjoying yourself!