My husband paid

We were very young and early in our marriage we found a place close to the train tracks and decided to have sex in the back of our pickup truck, maybe giving a thrill to anyone that might be on the train. No one was disappointed and we had our double thrill. We would go there often. One time we drove farther on the dirt track about a quarter mile and it was more secluded. Seemed like a lovers lane to us. We got into the bed of the truck and while we were going at a good 69 position eatting and sucking on each other I thought I heard something away from the truck. We finished having sex and while getting dressed I saw movement behind some tall bushes nearby. I got kinda spooked and we left. Later I told my guy I thought I saw someone had been watching us from the bushes. My lover decided we should go back the next day and do it again. We had been smoking weed that day and drinking slo-gin. We were kind of floating already. As we were getting ready I stood up and did a slow strip tease for my man letting him rub on his cock and getting turned on. We fucked and sucked on each other and finally saw movement in the bushes. Then I was surprised when Dennis started saying over and over “I’ll pay somebody to fuck you right now”. The hobo came out of the bushes and said he would do it. I couldn’t believe it. Was this really happening? Yes it was happening. The dirty hobo already had a hard on as he took his cock from his pants. My pussy was already wet of course but when I saw how big that dick was I became anxious about doing this. Anxiously aroused at the size even my hubby was awed saying “damn he is hung like a horse”. My thought was horses smell better than this filthy hobo but somehow that made it even more depraved, nasty and erotic.
“Let me see you fuck, fuck like animals, get in there buddy she’s all yours”.
I laid back with my knees in the air as he impaled my pussy. He hit my cervix on his second thrust and then it was off to the races for me. All hubby did was sit back and smoke another joint while giving commentary and giving directions when he saw fit. He told the hobo to make me suck his cock telling him how much I love to suck cock almost as much as getting fucked hard. The hobo must have been fucking me almost an hour when he finally filled my pussy with his cum. I was exhausted but for one more thing. With my pussy full of cum before his cock went too soft the hobo pumped in and out of me pushing cum out of my pussy. When he let himself out of my pussy he went straight to my face and told me to clean his cock. I licked it clean. Dennis gave the hobo some money, whispered something to him and the hobo left by the way he came back to the bushes.
Hubby gave me a joint to smoke while I began to put my clothes on. He started saying things I never heard him say before. Asked how’s the cunt, telling me how much he liked watching me get fucked hard by a dirty hobo with a nasty cock. We went home and instead of taking a shower or bath Dennis told me to go to bed naked, he told me he wanted sloppy seconds. After a few minutes pounding my pussy he rolled over on his back, grabbed me behind my neck and pushed my face towards his erection and demanded I suck the hobo cum off his cock. “Go ahead bitch, eat your nasty cunt from my dick. Don’t forget to lick my balls clean you nasty whore”. I thought it was just sexual talk while he was hot and horny but I learned he never called my name again. Depending on his mood he only called me slut, bitch, cunt, and whore.
The next day he said “get your cunt in the truck”. I smoked weed while he drove us back to the same place next to the bushes. I was kind of getting aroused with the prospect of a repeat with the dirty hobo. I was floating after smoking and once again we got in the bed of the truck and started our sexual play. I was giving him a blow job while he wildly finger fucked my pussy getting me super juicy. Then once again hubby said out loud “I’ll pay somebody to fuck you right now”. The hobo and two of his friends came out of the bushes and they all said “I’ll take it”. OMG, I was going to be gang banged by 3 dirty hobos and Dennis was paying for it. The next thing I knew I had a hobo in my pussy and another dirty smelly hobo in my mouth sucking for all I was worth. As soon as one finished with my pussy the third one took over and had sloppy seconds. After he shot his cum inside me he brought his cock to my mouth and Dennis commanded me to clean his cock and don’t forget to wash his balls with your thirsty tongue. He was cheering them on telling them “that’s right feed it to her, fill her filthy mouth, get it in there deep”. As I gave that one a tongue bath I couldn’t help but notice he had bumps on is cock the full lenght. Panic started to fill my brain, what happened to bring me to allow this to go on. But they were not finished with me. The third hobo didn’t want to fuck me, he only wanted to fuck my mouth hard and fast hitting my tonsils until he had a powerful orgasm that shot so hard into my throat I didn’t even have to swallow, the copious amount of cum flooded into my throat and down into my gut. They used me for at least 4 hours that day and Dennis paid them before they disappeared into the bushes. When we got home I looked in the mirror and saw dried cum caked all around my mouth and down my chin. Even that turned me on, so I reached down to my throbbing pussy and as the days cum leaked from my pussy I swirled my fingers in it and then cleaned my fingers.
How could I honestly enjoy being fucked by the filthy smelly hobos. It was so degrading while I felt flattered to get everything they had to give. We went back every weekend hoping to get the treatment. We weren’t disappointed either.
Dennis was becoming even more verbally abusive telling me I was nothing but a cunt, a slut, whore, and bitch. I protested telling I wasn’t a whore. He agreed with me telling me if I was a whore I would be making money instead of him having to pay money to get a good fucking. He said I was basically worthless as a bitch dog in heat and I might as well get fucked by a dog. I protested telling him that was just too nasty. His reply was “we’ll see”. I just let that comment go.

Then hubby had another level of depraved idea. As if we hadn’t done enough there was more surprise to come. On those weekend excursions it wasn’t always the same men to take me, I guess some moved on jumping on the trains and new faces would show up. I guess word got around the hobo camp. Many weeks later we went back to our usual place on the trail and on demand I got in the back of the truck and striped out of my clothes. Two hobos came out of the bushes and instead of getting prepared to fuck me or have me suck them they took me out of the truck and each one had me by my arms and started leading me naked through the bushes and down their walking trail. Wait, what’s going on? what is happening? Dennis kept saying “go on bitch, you’re going to like it, you know what a slutty bitch you are”. We arrived at the camp that had 5 men sitting around their little campfire and smoking cigarettes. Somebody was passing around a bottle of cheap vodka. Dennis sat down on a stump and told the men “let her have it, give her all you have to show her how a real bitch feels”. They passed me around like a bitch in heat with each one trying to outdo the last one to fill my pussy with their cocks and cum. Yes I was enjoying being filled and reaching tons of orgasms. I had begun to like the nasty smell and dirty cocks even in my mouth getting to taste their cum mixed with my own juices. After a couple hours there seemed to be a break. I hadn’t noticed one of the men had a dog on a chain tied to a tree until they suddenly put chains around my legs and arms and had me bent over a stump they restrained me on. The dog started barking and howling as they brought him over to where I was chained. I panicked and Dennis was saying, “be a good bitch now, you can’t cheat him from doing what dogs do, you are no better than a dog bitch in heat”. I started to cry which was something I hadn’t done up to this point. With the help of the man the mutt mounted me and after a few humps forward his hot cock found its mark and he gave me a pounding like a piston. He would fast fuck me and then jump off, circle around me and jump on again. While the big boy was not finishing his job I heard another dog barking and howling from farther away. The hobos were cheering on the dog, “go on boy, get in there, fuck her good, fill that cunt, fuck fuck fuck”. The hot cock of the dog was getting frustrated and he shot hot cum inside my pussy, then laid down to clean himself. That’s when the men led the second dog over to me and he was ready with his red cock to penetrate my already used pussy. The men cheering on the big dog, “she’s ready, fuck that bitch, fuck fuck fuck” thay chanted over and over while the big dog was plowing into my pussy. I felt the tip of his big cock penetrate my cervix, his hips humping really good until he pushed what felt like a grapefruit into my open swollen pussy. He hesitated a moment, a few more strokes then the hesitation again as he filled my womb with hot cum pulsating. The dog being still except for his fast heavy breathing his cock kept pulsing cum inside me. I had his knot inside me and my pussy seemed to squeeze and clamp onto the knot milking his balls for every drop he could release. I experienced orgasms like never before. Being done with me the dog lifted one leg over my backside and tried to leave me but we were tied together with his big knot. Oh god, he’s going to rip my pussy open went through my mind. Maybe because I gave no resistance he stood still with his cock inside my pussy. Dennis laughed at the sight, mocking me, and joining the others as they enjoyed the show. You would have thought the men were at a stage show appreciatively clapping and howling on their own at what they had seen personally. Dennis gave them all some money.

They unchained me and helped me to my feet, took me by my arms and led me and Dennis back to our truck. I put only my panties and tee shirt on for the ride home. He wouldn’t let me in the house when we got home. He made me stay on the back porch for the night. I used the hose outside to wash myself off and pushed the hose inside my pussy to wash myself out. I had been degraded physically and sexually and I liked it. Unbelievable, even as I protested I wanted more. The verbal degradation escalated from Dennis, telling me I was only good for being fucked by dirty filthy hobos and dogs. He was right, I liked it and better yet, he liked it too. I wasn’t sure how far this would go at the time but it didn’t take long to find out. He went to making a plan, his perfect plan for me and how to treat me as the submissive bitch.

He built a kennel in our back yard. I guessed we would be getting a dog and the thought excited me hoping it would be a good large male. The proof was coming and I knew it because he fit a choke chain around my neck that I wasn’t able to remove adding a tag to the chain “LUCKY BITCH”.

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Your husband is a good man. I would loved to have seen that. Thank you.


I would love to have that life. When everyone is happy, how can it be wrong.


I’m throbbing in my jeans. Thank you for sharing.