My girl can’t be true

I meet this girl that I fell hard for. She’s so freakin hot that she turns heads everywhere she goes, and every guy she walks by just can’t help but to check her out.
I can live with guys drooling over her and must admin that I was shocked that she wanted to be with me, I felt I was in a bit out of my league wit her.
I knew it was too good to be true cause she said that she likes me and wants to date me but she can’t be true to me cause she loves all the attention she gets from guys and life is too short to be tied down.
She says I can see other people to and she just wants to have fun.
Problem is i only want her and i can’t stand the thought of her sleeping with other guys. I know she has had sex with 4 other guys since we meet cause she told me so.
The greatest sex i have ever had in my life is with this girl but the stress of her sleeping all over town is eating me alive.
Should i cut this queen loose and move on or hang in there and hope she wants to be just with me at some point?
I just don’t know what to do.

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