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so I did the survey out of interest, I have two interests in porn, personal and psychological or sociology understanding because its just reaction to stimuli to explode your load, I mean even for a woman, believe me the mind and sexual energy can be a load to carry. anyway so I joined this silly fapchat cuz I am not into sex games on line and chatterbate etc I look for dating and relationship or friendship sites more. And if I want to watch porn that is what I want to watch. I personally am not offended by the whole adult industry and porn, its a outlet. Some need it more then others. I perfer porn that is closer to arty porn. I seen that movie “LUCKY BASTARD” and it was sort of funny but weak and I mean all the killings. It was interesting spoof on reality shows anyway. I sure that industry have heaps of slids and giggles to show. Anyway I joined this fapchat and I swear I signed up as a woman looking for a guy and they put me the other way around. Now I have all these stupid chicks coming up to me flaming going on with their sales pitch. but I said I am under cover. what ever that means. Maybe I can learn something from these chicks? I put my age at were I was left off and that is how I feel and wondering would it help me to go back to the hotel room I was raped in with a film crew and some honest people I could trust to see if I caught a ghost that died in that apartment. Its like my life changed after being raped and being left for dead there, that is how it felt anyway. I want to talk to the ghost there and find out how they do this change over of body into a new spirit thing. should I do this or not? and why either way?

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I orgasmed by masturbated 6 times this morning thinking about this.