Its Locktober

Mistress T here to remind all my tiny clitty subs that its Locktober again!
That special time of year where all the tiny cock subs get locked in chastity for a glorious month of teasing and denial.
Prove your obedience and servitude to your Goddess by staying locked the entire month in the smallest cage possible, 24/7 with no cummies.
On November 1st the moans of release will be heard around the world.
Happy Locktober fest!!

Mistress T

Don’t forget to post pics of your tiny locked clits for my amusement 

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I’ve been in my cb6000s for a month. Every Friday our bull comes over and fucks my wife. I swallow every drop of his cum. My balls are killing me i just hope she lets me out to wank soon


try 27 years of it ! you deserve to you disgusting perk, any weird comes near me with that shit will have police batons to deal with up their holes in a goal!


Its been 17 days and my balls are huge and swollen. My wife is loving this maybe a bit too much and I’m not sure I can make it the whole month. I’m leaking all over and sleeping has been tough, although its starting to get better. My wife says maybe another month locked up and I can then go full-time. Not sure i can do that. I’m so horny I might just fuck the shag carpeting!


I met my col who lives next door years ago so unless you married with 3 kids, then you got the wrong boy, bitch.


I’m not a sub you rock lobster! so stop bullying me.