I love feet

I was on the train today and was fixated on this girl who was playing with her flip flop. She was ok looking but her foot twirling in the flip flop was real sexy. after a few minutes of watching her move her foot up and down and stretching her arch I realized I had a ragging hard-on, I mean I was rock hard. At one point she looked over at me a smiled while I was trying hard to conceal my hard-on. I kept watching her and at one point I was checking my phone and secretly took some pictures of her foot. I didn’t realize it till now but I believe I have a foot fetish! When I got home I looked at the pictures of her foot and go rock hard again, I jerked off hard looking at those pics and shot a giant load. I only wish I had shot my load on those beautiful feet.

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If she let you cum on her feet with the condition that you had to lick up all your cum and swallow it, would you do it?