I fucked my boyfriend and his best friend at the same time and LOVED it

my boyfriend begged me to have sex with him and his best friend for months before I reluctantly agreed to do it. It was the most fun sexual experience I have ever had. I feel guilty for admitting that I loved it so I try to play it off every time it gets brought up. But if I could have sex like that all the time, I would in a heartbeat. There is nothing better than having a hard cock in your pussy and your mouth at the same time. It forces you to be in the moment. I dont know why I feel guilty for doing it but I do. I have never enjoyed being a whore so much in my entire life. I hope I get to do it again. I want to relinquish all control over my body. My pussy gets so wet every time I think about it. It was such a turn on to me to realize that my boyfriend and his friend are twisted freaks like me. There is a realm of endless possibilities to be explored sexually with both of them. There is nothing hotter than two guys fucking the same tight wet pussy and using it all up until they cum.

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