Herts UK Bi CD in the woods

Bi-Sexual Male, 56, UK

My ex gf used to have me dress up, go for a drive in the car, maybe to a truck stop or to the local woods 1st time she did it she had me dress up in sexy red lingerie, parked up near a local woods where people go to walk their dogs etc.

She had me get out, walked into the woods a few hundred yards and she found an open area in the trees off from the main path. There was a fallen tree, she got me to lie on it, and instructed me to wank my cock but to keep my eyes shut. She was filming me lying there in public, dressed in very sexy red fishnet stockings, matching suspenders, red lacy panties and a red lace basque. My cock was rock hard, fully 8.5 inches long and about 6 inches in circumference. A real handful. The fat that I could quite possibly be seen by complete strangers, who may not like and could cause trouble, or could be intrigued, interested, maybe even turned on, was soooo exciting.

The next thing I knew she said “keep your eyes closed” and I felt a hand stroking my hard cock thru my paanties. Then she said “open your mouth” and I felt some guys cock push against my lips, and she said “suck it until he cums”. There I was dressed like a tart in the middle of the day in a public area, eyes shut, with this strangers cock getting stiff in my mouth, he and I were both enjoying it.

He grabbed my head started fucking my face and said he wanted to cum. She said “shoot your cum in to his mouth”, so he did, unloading a much bigger load than I produce, after 3 or 4 large loads he pulled out and came over my face. All the while my gf talking dirty and filming it.

When he’d finished she asked me if I enjoyed that, how much. So I told her I absolutely loved this guys gorgeous cock, how hard I made him, how good he tasted, how thrilling it was to have him hold my hair and fuck my face and then all that spunk mmmmmmm

And in public, in daylight, and on film mmmmmm

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I’m hard as fuck after reading this post and I would love to have something
like that happen to me…. You have a wife many people would die for. .. If you’re lucky enough she will have a great many men around for you to suck to hardness for her and she will have you clean their cum from her pussy and ass and maybe even Fuck your ass till you cum all over yourself….😋