Fingered until I came

I was on a greyhound bus at night and everybody was sleeping. I was really sleepy & almost nodding off but I wasn’t asleep. An older guy that I didn’t know was sitting in the seat next to me. I remember noticing that he was pretty cute & that got me flustered and sorta shy. I thought he was asleep and I guess he thought I was knocked out too. He began to touch my inner thigh very softly. I was wearing shorts and he gently stroked me higher and higher until his fingers were touching my bare pussy.he had moved the fabric to the side so my pussy was exposed. He had my lips parted and was rubbing my hole with his middle finger. I wanted him to put it in but he didn’t. He just teased me by rubbing in a circle. I spread my legs to try and get penetrated.this made him stop and start rubbing my clit. No one had ever touched my pussy before except me. I was in love!
When he suddenly slid a finger deep inside me and was still tapping on my clit, I had my first orgasm. That was the best bus ride ever.

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