Finger in public

I’m a 37 year old house wife who’s a bit of a voyeur. When i go to the gym I enjoy walking around the locker room naked, removing my towel in the steam room, and showering so other women can see me. I like to rub my breasts and finger myself a bit in plain view of others but never do too much that might get me kicked out. I love when I notice that another girl is watching me in a sexual way and i play to that to give her a bit of a show.

I’ve never been with a women but fantasize about it and secretly hope one of the girls will slide in the shower with me for some fun but so far no one has.

I also like to drive with no panties and my skirt pulled up and my legs spread, and give truckers and guys in big SUV’s a sneak peak. I’ve had more then a few honks and smiles and it makes me feel sexy. I even let on trucker drive along side me for miles while i fingered myself to orgasm and then sped away. I could tell he was jerking off watching me and that made me feel good.

Most of the time I don’t really want to have sex with this strangers but but I do get off on exposing myself and playing the part of a slutty little whore from a distance.
It makes me fell sexy and wanted, and being married for 15 years with 3 kids, that’s a wonderful feeling!

Thanks for reading my confession. It also makes me horny thinking that guys and girls might be cumming reading this.

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The post was hot as was the first comment, I have a thing for doing cumtributes for sexy ladies, If either of you ladies would like me to do one for you just hit me up on kik jailer111 a lot of women find it flattering that a complete stranger finds them sexually attractive enough to want to cum over them, some even find it a turn on, including wives and girlfriends lol


I love driving my SUV along the highway braless with couple of buttons undone of my blouse, skirt high up to show off my pussy and obviously the passing vehicles will slow down for sometime to have a look of my display. Once it was dusk and a couple of young men was following me for more than half an hour – repeatedly overtaking me and then slowed down on intention. I was getting horny to the extreme. I suddenly entered a by-lane and waited behind small shrubs hiding my SUV and got down. I badly needed to be fucked!… Read more »


Thats so fucken hot