Few trips to the laundromat

This may be a crazy concept but if I don’t wear any clothes I won’t have to wash them. I’ve been living in a small 1st floor apartment for 3 years that was originally a two story rowhouse. Thirteen months ago I got injured on my job and have been collecting workmen’s compensation since then. I’ve been pretty much confined to my apartment and its still a struggle to get out. It was torture going to the laundromat at the shopping center so I figured I’d just stay naked all the time. I do go food shopping every 2 weeks but that’s about it other than doctor appointments. I’m 33 and have few friends, no girlfriend for a couple years but when I do get a visitor like my mom or my friends I simply put on my bathrobe. It took a few weeks for me to realize this but the more I was naked the more I was playing with myself and my masturbation doubled. Two women, who are sisters, live on the second floor and once or twice a week they ask if I need anything from the store. Often they will pick up things like milk or bread for me and I always have my robe on when they do. They have a stairway in the back which comes down to the rear patio where they sit out mostly in the evenings. That’s when they see me naked through my back door and window. Evelyn is about 50 and Marlene is probably about 47 or 48. I knew from the start they were looking in at me and as much as it should have embarrassed me it had the opposite effect. Instead of me covering myself it excited me and I never tried to hide my hard on from them. Instead I just go about doing whatever and most of the time have them see me masturbate.

Many months ago Marlene asked me if I ever get dressed and I knew right away she was referring to my nudity in the evenings. I just told her the truth and admitted that I never bother to dress unless I go out. Since then neither of them have ever mentioned my nudity or that they have seen me from the patio. There is one other woman who is out there sometimes who seems to be around Evelyn’s age or older. This happens to be something I had never instigated but at the same time never did anything to prevent them from seeing inside my apartment. Its also nothing I ever did before but now am happy when I know they are on the patio. I’ve become so brazen that once in awhile I go out in my bathrobe and talk to them. We talk about a lot of things but not one word is ever said about my constant nudity or the fact they see me naked and often see me masturbating. I never have met that other woman who is here a few times a month but think the sisters told her about me. I do know by now Evelyn is divorced and Marlene was never married but does have a boyfriend. I also know they both work in the same company and that Evelyn is a supervisor. They are always nice to me and never say anything about my nudity or masturbation and are sympathetic to my back and leg injury. They must realize I know they can see me in the evenings but never mention it. Fact is, when I know they are looking in it arouses me and I soon have an erection. Problem is, I never know what nights they will be out there but can always count on Fridays. That’s the one night I now plan on having them watch me masturbate. I don’t jerk off every time they are on the patio but I always eventually get an erection. Once my girlfriend and I broke up I did masturbate often but since I’ve been naked all the time I masturbate twice a day especially when the sisters are on the patio. Aside from jerking off so often the amount of times I touch my genitals during the day and evening is incredible. Being naked as much as I am has caused me to be this way.

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