Dads girlfriend

When I was 15 my mom sort of kicked me out and sent me to live with my dad and his girlfriend Maureen. It worked out great and we got along really good. My dad died 3 years ago and left me the house. I’m 26 now and never once ever thought to have Maureen move out. She was like a mother to me and I truly like her very much even though she is kind of strange and weird sometimes. She is a stocky woman and she turned 54 years old 2 weeks ago and still treats me like a kid. She works but takes care of cleaning the house, cooking and even does my laundry. Over the 11 years I have lived with her there have been some embarrassing and awkward situations occur. Over those years she caught me masturbating twice that I know of and numerous times saw me naked. I also saw her naked a few times and its not a pretty sight. Once about 5 years ago I came home one night finding her and my dad both nude having sex in the living room. The weird thing about her is after an awkward situation happened she would talk about it even when my dad was alive mostly bringing up when she saw me nude, caught me masturbating or the times I saw her nude . She did it in jest and me and my dad both laughed about it and she still does it with me at times. Now the really strange thing, I work construction and 10 months ago I was renovating an apartment building that had a fire. On the second floor my right foot went through the floor all the way up to my crotch. Both sides of my leg looked like road rash but from my knee up my inner thigh to my crotch I needed 32 stitches. I have been on disability since then and Maureen just became crazy taking care of me.

She insisted on changing the bandages at first which came down to me having to take off my pajama bottoms fully exposing me. Now in the past when she saw me naked it was an accident but now it was completely embarrassing. All she did was remind me how she saw me naked before and had caught me masturbating. After the first few times it didn’t bother me much until the doctor gave me a medical suave to put on my lower leg and thigh. Maureen insisted on doing this for me and the first time she did it the back of her hand was touching my scrotum and I couldn’t stop myself from getting an erection. She just laughed and told me the last time she saw me like that is when she saw me masturbating. I didn’t know what to say so I just said sorry. Once I got the stitches out she got more weird and began washing my leg while in the shower then having me lay down to put the suave on me. This goes on 4 nights a week and I always get a hard on and she just laughs about it. Once she’s back downstairs I jerk off after being aroused for so long. For months now I’ve realized I like her doing it and whatever embarrassment I had its gone. Those 4 night I’m naked in front of her for almost an hour and most of the time I have a full erection. She never asks if I jerk off but when she leaves my room she always says “I’ll leave you to do yourself”. I’m sure she is implying masturbation just by the way she says it and smiles. Maureen has never actually held my penis but most of the time the back of her hand touches my balls and once in awhile brush up against my penis. Its impossible for me not to get hard and I’m not sure if she is doing it on purpose.

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