Chastity locked submissive male

Well been locked off and on, wife does not mind but she is really not into it. I self lock myself and went to planet fitness with the cock cage on. I keep it hidden and try not to “show” it off. As I was exercising my prince Albert piercing must have been hitting the cage a little more than I thought.
I was on a stride thing kind of like a treadmill but your feet do not come off the pads. Well this woman comes right next to me and ask, what is that clanking noise. I said oh must be my keys. She looked right at me and said, sure I thought it was a chastity cage on you. I know I blushed and she said omg it is. She got off the machine and walked away. I was humiliated. About 10 minute later she came back with a note. Her phone number and name. Said she has been looking for a guy just like me. Because she wants a male slave.
We are going out tonight

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