Bi CD and well hung CD friend

I’ve had quite a few bisex experiences over the years, mostly one or two offs with the odd expection such as one I had with an ex-lodger of mine and ex-wifes. Her friend was down from Yorks and my ex invited her to stay with us for a short period while they were flat hunting. She brought her 6’4”, slim, good looking b/f as well. One night (his birthday) we got a bit drunk with some friends and family members.

Walking home he needed to rest so did so on a low wall on the boundary of a then empty hospital. We ended falling over onto the grass the other side. After laughing for a few seconds I suddenly felt him unzip my jeans, pull out my semi hard cock and stafrt enthusiastically sucking it. OMG he could really suck cock. Stopping every 30 secs or so to kiss me so I could taste my cock and my pre-cum on his mouth until I could take no more, forcing his head down and all of my 8″ cock into his eager mouth I shot my load of spunk. He swallowed most of it but kept some to french kiss with. I LOVED kissing this horny guy with my cum in his mouth.

As it turned out he had a 10-11″ cock, was very bi, and introduced me to tthe fantastic pleasure of dressing in stockings, panties, basques, heels, wearing lipstick and taking big risks indoors late at night to dress up and suck each other off or have me lie down and he would ride my cock as I wanked him, both cumming over and over. We must have sucked licked kissed fingered each other 50-60 times over 4-5 month period, until my missus walked in one evening as he was sat in a chair, legs apart over the arms of the chair, both of us dressed up and my hand in his panties holding his boner as I sucked him. Even when I realised she was standing in the doorway, I couldn’t stop, and kept wanking and sucking him until he covered my face, lips and mouth with loads of spunk.

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Now that was hot! I have been having bi fantasies recently and this once just got me hard


I would love a 10 to 11 inch yum yum