Accidental unwanted ejaculation

Okay this didnt happen today but last spring, and the reason I’m telling it now is I have a little better understanding of it after research.
So I am on a family trip with my wife and my parents. We had planned to fly into L.A. rent a car then drive up the California coast. I was generally excited about the trip and looked forward to spending time with my folks, however I was unable to get my Zanax(non prescription lol) from my guy. So I was feeling a bit weird from the start, kinda anxious and generally not sleeping well.
Everything started off well as we got our car and headed up the coast. We had planned on staying in cheap motels the whole way, and for some reason we would always get rooms right next to my parents room. I could hear them very easily through the thin walls so I suspected they could hear us as well. This meant that I didnt want to chance having any “fun” with my wife, not to mention the mere thought of my folks next door killed any passion that arose. In addition to this i was feeling really weird from coming down off the benzodiazepine’s. This went on for about 4 days till we reached Big Sur, and I hadn’t had any release for about 3 days prior to the trip cause I just didnt feel very well. So no big deal I had gone 7 days plenty of times before, but it was weird cause I hadn’t had any arousal during this time. Meaning the thing hadn’t even twitched once in seven days, which I attributed to staying next door to my folks and feeling dope sick.
So we pile in the car as usual and drive the coastal highway, with my folks up front and my wife and I in the back. I started to feel better the night before and finally got some sleep as well as the withdrawals started to fade away, so I was a little more “excited” about the trip. The car is kinda quiet as we were pulling long miles today heading up north of Carmel somewhere to stay the night. Suddenly I feel a twitch as my guy starts to fill with blood and press against my leg. No big deal I’ve had boners at awkward times before, so I shift in my seat and press it against my thigh held down by the leg strap of my briefs. I was wearing long pants as well so it was easy to hide this weird boner. There we were rolling along my parents talking to each other and my wife looking past me out my window at the ocean right next to us.
By this point my boner would not go away and it was building up a lot of pressure against my thigh. That’s when I felt it, a tremendous burning heat boiled up from inside me and electrified my body. I said to myself ‘oh dear God no” as I began to realize what was about to happen. My face went flush and my cock filled as I gripped the overhead strap with one hand and the seat edge with the other, lifting my butt off the seat trying to hold it back. But it was not in my control, I began to pump stream after stream of cum into my pants and with most of it squirting out between the leg hole of my boxer briefs and against my thigh. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had and my wife was just staring at me, with a wtf face. It took me a minute to stop shaking and try to figure out what I’m gonna do. She says “are you okay” as I grab my sweater and place it over my lap I tell her ” it’s my stomach, and I just had a really intense pain”.
So I’m freaked out now, as my folks say they will find a bathroom to pull over to for me to use, which getting out of the car is the last thing I wan a do right now. I say I’m fine and dont have to use the bathroom. So on we go, me with about two shot glasses of jizz soaking into my pants. About ten minutes later they see a pull off and wanna take a look at the ocean. I say “I’m fine, I’ve seen the ocean, in just gonna sit here”. They pile out and as they reach the viewing area I see them and many other people freaking out and pointing toward the ocean. Its fucking whales breaching right next to the viewing area, which is something we all talked about wanting to see, so fuck me I can’t catch a break. My wife comes running back to the car saying “you gotta get out and come see this”, I say no I can’t my stomach hurts. She gets kinda pissed with me and says “come on it’s right over there”. I get kinda pissy with her and say my “stomach hurts and I dont care about the whales”. These sort of scenarios go on for another 3 hours until it finally dries enough that I can get out of the car without it being obvious. We get to our motel for the day and I go change. I read recently that withdrawal from benzodiazepines can cause sudden ejaculation. God likes to mess around a bit with us monkeys I guess.

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