Hot girl, sort of

I was at this party last month and there were a lot of hot girls there. One in particular caught my eye, there was something about here, something mysterious and exotic, an instant kind of kinky attraction. I started making a play for her, got here some drinks, made small talk, and some jokes, you know the usual pickup stuff. Anyway, it all paid off at the end of the night when she asked if I would walk her home cause it was late and she only lived a few blocks away. I jumped on the chance and on the walk I was getting really horny listening to her talk and flirt with me. We got to her place and she asked me up for a drink, it was hot and asked me if I wanted to remove my shirt, I did and said “why stop there?” and with that she gave me a big grin and pulled my shorts down. I was already half hard when she got on here knees and started to give me the best blow job of my life. It was intense! She was taking me all the way down to the base and I’m 8 1/2 inches and thick. After what seemed like an hour of her sucking and teasing me, I was rock hard and ready to fuck. She took my cock out of her mouth and said “I want you to fuck me but are you man enough?” “I want you to fuck me in the ass hard and long till I cum, can you do that?”. Just hearing her say that almost made me blow my load all over her face. “Hell yea I can do that, just bend over and I’ll drive” I said. “Hmmm yes daddy” she whispered and bent over the couch pulling her panties down just enough to see her beautiful ass hole. She reached behind the couch and grabbed some lube and handed it to me, “lube up good daddy and fuck me hard” she said. I did as I was told and slid my rock hard cock into her ass, she was so tight I thought I was going to explode just entering her. I started pounding her ass and she was moaning in delight saying “Yes Daddy fuck me good, I’ve been a bad girl”. I must admit that her talking like that was a huge turn on and I was doing everything in my power not to cum too fast. I was pounding away and she asked me to lie on the floor and that she wanted to get on top and cum all over me. The comment struck me a bit odd but again I did as I was told. I lied down and she stripped off the rest of her clothes facing away from me, and then she turned around and started to get on top of me. that’s when I noticed it and I couldn’t believe it, this smoking hot girl had a very tiny dick and tiny little balls. I was shocked and strangely super turned on all at the same time. She noticed my shock and said ” don’t looked so shocked tiger, I was born this way and you sure didn’t mind it a minute ago while you were pounding my ass” “now lie back down and let me fuck a load out of that big cock”. At that point I really didn’t care and again did as I was told. She climbed on and gave me what was one of the best fucks of my life, I never came so hard and long. She also enjoyed it and to my amazement she came without out touching her tiny cock, just from fucking my cock in here ass. I have to say that was also a big turn on, although it was a bit odd having her cum all over my chest. After we were done we cuddled a little and she asked me if I was ok. Yes I said I’m more then ok and I would love to keep seeing you. She smiled and said “I hoped that would be the case cause I really like you and I think we can have a lot of fun together”. She kissed me and we feel asleep. I’ve been seeing her now for a few weeks and it has been fantastic. I don’t consider myself gay but its been the best sex of my life and I’m loving it!

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Stephen Cobb

I loved this story and it.made me so hard. I only wish I had a hot ts cock im my mouth right now.


Your gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.