When I was a thirteen year old boy, I had my first sexual experience. It was with another boy in the garage, we played with each others penis at first. Then we progressed to oral sex, that was as far as we went. I was bisexual and discovered that at that young age. When I was fourteen years old, I was placed into a homeRead More →

I am a 46 year old guy. I love my wife and kids. Life happens and we both went through hard times with drugs and cheated on each other. Fast forward many years and we made it.,. But the cheating still I can’t get over she comes home late every night and took business trips weeks at a time recently and the passion just isn’tRead More →

It was March of 1972 and I was 16. My Aunt passed away and my Uncle, (my Dad’s brother had an Autobody repair business on his property), and now he had nobody to cook, clean, do the laundry, etc. came to my father and asked for help. My Two older sisters were already married and out on their own so my Dad said that IRead More →