I just love to watch men cum. I love making them cum and watching close up as they shoot big juicy loads. and when I can’t watch them in person, I watch videos for hours  of them shooting everywhere, I love it. I also noticed that no two men cum the same way and this adds to my fascination. I don’t like when men cumRead More →

My GF and I are really into sex in public places. We’ve had sex in department stores, parks, side street, trains, buses, you name it and we’ve probably done it. We even let a bunch of guys watch us have sex off a main trail in a park and we let guys touch her ass and tits as we were having sex and she lovedRead More →

I read the post about the girl you didn’t like guys cumming in her mouth, but I love it and love to swallow. I like my man to fuck me hard like a bitch and then feed me every drop of his tasty cum. I can’t get enough!Read More →