I am F in my mid-40s, live alone but has a younger bf who meets me on most weekends. He encourages me to stretch my pee slit showing his stretched cock slit – he can insert his entire index finger into his slit using lube or his pre-cum. Is this practice common? I am tempted to try on my pee slit – shall I goRead More →

I there an advantage to climaxing outside versus inside? In most porn videos the male pulls out and climaxes on her back, chest, etc. Other than dramatic effect, is there a reason to not climax inside? Jan’s Answer: In porn I think its done purely for dramatic affect, everyone wants to see the cum shot! In real life, other then birth control I think itsRead More →

I have a very bad case of Ed. I spend to much money on OTC meds looking to get an erection. Can you help me find the right pill to help. The doctor doesn’t seem to help and the expense of going is crazy. So since I rarely get an erection I let my wife have affairs with younger guys. She is 47 soon 48,Read More →