My girl found photos of me wearing her bra and panties. Not to mention her friends too! I heard my girl and 4 of her friends cracking up. So I walk in and see the pics of me on the table ! I felt so embarrassed. But I got hard instantly ! I couldnt help it. They pulled my shorts down to my ankles! IRead More →

Owned female sub and GF does not know i have a mistress, I have not orgasmed for my gf for 7 months I fake it or stop itbefore i orgasm. My mistress owns my orgasms and I have to be a good slut to earn them. It first started with exposing myself in my car and edging over and over till I had someone watchRead More →

I have been having this fantasy, over and over, for some time now, and to be honest I think I would like to live out this fantasy, not sure I can actually do it. My fantasy consists of many many cocks, that I could suck off to completion, one after the other until I could swallow no more. I was hoping to be able toRead More →

My fiance and I had recentlu moved. Turns out i eent by sn adult books dtore every day on my way to work. One day on my eay home curiosty got to me and i stopped to check ot out. After browsing the merchsndise I daw a guy go in a back room and fecided to check it out. O got some tokens and wentRead More →