I started sniffing my mother’s dirty panties when I was 10 / 11 I love the smell & taste of them iam in my late 40s now & I still love sniffing them when I visit her they always make me hard straight away.. I use to love waking up every morning & going straight to the washing basket to see if she left anyRead More →

I have always been sexually attracted to my mother-in-law Zora, she is blonde, small stature with nice tits and hot legs! I have always dreamed of, and masturbated to, catching Zora in her basement where she smokes and walking up to her and start to slowly unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants and pull them down in front of her. I want Zora toRead More →

I have a crush on a mainstream actress. She’s a prestigious, well-respected Argentine performer and I’ve been attracted to her after watching one of her movies, where she takes the virginity of a boy and teaches him how to make love. That movie blew up my mind and I became obsessed with her. I’m a shy 23-year-old virgin and I’ve been attracted to mature womenRead More →