I was on a greyhound bus at night and everybody was sleeping. I was really sleepy & almost nodding off but I wasn’t asleep. An older guy that I didn’t know was sitting in the seat next to me. I remember noticing that he was pretty cute & that got me flustered and sorta shy. I thought he was asleep and I guess he thoughtRead More →

As soon as my husband leaves to work I open all my curtains and windows and even my front door. Then I take off my top and my bra. I have big titties with big pointy nipples. My house is on a busy street and I know anybody passing by can see me clearly. I notice men sitting in their parked cars, staring at meRead More →

I’m a cock sucker and love it when my boys call me one. I have 3 steadies that I suck every week at least once but usually 2 or 3 times a week. I can’t get enough and find myself craving it and staring at guys dicks while shopping or at Starbucks. I’m a 26 year old sexy women who is just obsessed with suckingRead More →