I am a 45 male with a good job and happy marriage. yet every few years i suddenly get the urge to have a 18 or 19 year old thrusting in and out of my mouth.Its never local and i normally find someone at a sports center who works out iv looked down at his cock a lot, few words are ever spoken but theRead More →

This may be a crazy concept but if I don’t wear any clothes I won’t have to wash them. I’ve been living in a small 1st floor apartment for 3 years that was originally a two story rowhouse. Thirteen months ago I got injured on my job and have been collecting workmen’s compensation since then. I’ve been pretty much confined to my apartment and itsRead More →

so I did the survey out of interest, I have two interests in porn, personal and psychological or sociology understanding because its just reaction to stimuli to explode your load, I mean even for a woman, believe me the mind and sexual energy can be a load to carry. anyway so I joined this silly fapchat cuz I am not into sex games on lineRead More →