My fiance and I had recentlu moved. Turns out i eent by sn adult books dtore every day on my way to work. One day on my eay home curiosty got to me and i stopped to check ot out. After browsing the merchsndise I daw a guy go in a back room and fecided to check it out. O got some tokens and wentRead More →

Ended up with Loretta as my room mate back before the pandemic close down. She was a bartender is a corner pub I frequented when I worked the 3 to 11 shift on my job. I’m 32 now and she is 47 and moved in with me when my friend Rob moved out when he got married. Loretta was and is still a tough womanRead More →

I am an older man and very much wish to get into a relationship with another man who truly is aroused by S & M play with another man. I want to be abused sexually and used by another man for his sexual gratification. A fantasy I have long had is to be made to strip in front of a man and present myself toRead More →